Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: December 18, 2012

I didn't really feel like going for a run tonight, but I told myself to just take Emmy for a short two miler.  Turns out that we ended up running four miles.  By the time I got home I wasn't really in the mood to cook and was down right sick of soup.  I decided on spaghetti because it was easy, but Nick wanted to get fancy with the sauce so I told him to make dinner.  It was great!  All I had to do was shower and plop in front of the tv.  I need to let him make dinner more often! He usually wants to help with dinner, but I shoo him out because the kitchen is so small. The sauce turned out nice and spicy.  I loved it, but it was a bit spicy for Nick.

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I believe he cooked the bacon first and then cooked the onion, garlic, baby
bell peppers, jalapenos and mushrooms in some of the bacon fat.  

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