Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: December 11, 2013

Since our honeymoon, I've been on a soup noodle kick.  Ramen, udon, shrimp noodles, bow ties, you name it.  If it's a pasta that can go in soup, we've been having it. Those days that I don't post?  We're probably having soup noodles that don't look like much. I literally bought 36 packets of Sapporo Ichiban brand ramen noodles this weekend because they are so much better than the mushy Nissin stuff.  My college roommate turned me on to Ichiban years ago.  For a while I resisted the idea that anything could be better than the classic Top Ramen, but there is.  There really is.  Back then I didn't know that such things existed. Oh how my eyes are open now. Having fresh ramen and udon makes me never want to eat a freeze dried packet of noodles again, but I don't have a personal noodle chef to make me fresh noodles daily so I will settle with Ichiban.  I am a noodle snob.  Anyway, we now have enough ramen to get us through the winter.

Tonight we were having shrimp and pork wonton noodle soup.  I usually make the wontons myself, but I purchased these from Ranch 99 to test them out.  I got 24 for $5.00, which is a pretty good price, but if I pre-make the wontons myself and freeze them it will be much more cost effective.  It's just finding the time and motivation to dedicate to making the wontons that is the problem. These ones are quite tasty so I might just continue to buy them.

Nick loves this stinky fermented bamboo with his noodles.  I think they smell
like feet.  I wouldn't recommend it, but he really enjoys it and I love him so I
buy it. 

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