Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Big Game: 2013

I've been having problems with getting my photos uploaded to Photobucket so this post has been written for over a week, but couldn't be posted as it is primarily a picture post.  After a recommendation from a friend, I finally switched to a different picture hosting site that I hadn't already tried.  Believe me, I tried several before going to Imgur.

We all knew that the game was going to be a bust, but at least the tailgate was a success.  As usual, my family and friends out did themselves with grandeur.  Seriously, who really has prime rib with mushroom gravy and live crab in a high school parking lot?

I have a giant bucket of nail polish with pretty much every
color under the sun.  I figured that I should show a little
team spirit even if they weren't going to win. 
Every year we bring a turkey fryer to boil the crab and a
Weber grill to make filet mignon.  This year we did a prime
rib instead of filet to change it up, but used the grill to do
the heating.  

Somehow Christopher managed to look more Asian than
he is.

The head is Nick's favorite part.  He likes to eat it with rice to soak up the buttery
I'm 100% sure that this table is more festive and better decorated than my
Thanksgiving table. 

Go Bears!

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