Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: November 24, 2013

I knew that I was going to hate myself for going to a friend's early Thanksgiving party and having cocktails before a big run.  Did I listen to my gut?  Of course not. After a night of festivities with friends, I got up at 4:30am to head out to the City for the Men's Health Urbanathlon.  After doing the Spartan Beast and the Tough Mudder, this one was just not that fun and Christopher and I were in much more pain afterwards.  A week later and I'm still feeling it in my joints. The race was an 11.3 mile run around San Francisco with a few weak obstacles in the middle.  The biggest challenge was the running and pounding on the pavement.  One of the last obstacles was running up and down flights of stairs in AT&T park.  It was a pretty amazing view, but my knees were killing me on the way down the stairs.  Because I started to limp afterwards, my foot flared up and the tendons were swollen, which I didn't know could happen. I was literally going into work looking like a gimp. I'm fairly certain that it's the cold weather that makes my joints hurt tenfold when I run. I normally get tired joint pain after a long run, but this was just pain. Pain like I almost had to crawl up the stairs to my apartment because I couldn't put weight on my foot or knee, pain.

After taking a nap, I still had to get myself up to go to Pau Pau's birthday dinner in Oakland. It's a good thing at the Oakland restaurant we can park across the street so that there wasn't much walking for me to do.  Dinner, as always, was delicious. I've posted these things before, but it's been a while so I thought we could use a refresher.

Nick and I have graduated to the adult's table, mainly because there wasn't enough
room at the kid's table for us.  We however, got all the good food. 

Suckling pig head.

Large clam with noodles and garlic.

We usually only get noodles for the kids, but I really enjoy
them a Legendary so the Fongs ordered me some.

This is something new for us.  Dayboat scallops with black bean sauce on top
of soft tofu with gai lan. 

After the body was eaten, the staff took away the pig head
and chopped it up for us. 

Salt and pepper crab

Giant fish that I had to take a picture sideways to get it
before everyone dug in.

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