Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: December 24, 2013

I was a little bummed, to say the least, that Nick and I couldn't go to my Dad's side of the family's Christmas Eve dinner.  I have never missed Christmas Eve before.  I had been so sick the last few days that I didn't want to risk getting my Grandma or any young cousins sick.  I didn't even want my Mom over to take care of me in case she caught it too. Luckily, Nick has a strong immune system and is a great caregiver. I'm now on the mend, though I still don't have a voice and am hacking away like a smoker. Any weight that I put back on after the wedding I lost in the last four days.

Nick and I decided to have an early dinner with his parents and then head home to finish some last minute stocking stuffer wrapping. It was a quiet night for the both of us.

I had picked up a ravioli lasagna at Costco to bring over to the Fongs and Nick
made some cheesy garlic bread. 

Listening to Christmas music on the Yule Log channel.

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