Friday, December 13, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: December 12, 2013

Tonight we headed over to the Fongs place for a laundry and dinner night.  Nick had a ton of laundry to do so we told his parents that we would make them a nice meal while we were there.  I'm still beefed out and they love seafood so we just a did a salmon with some scallops.  I don't know if I could ever be tired of scallops.  They are up there next to oysters for me.  What's great is that Nick can't really eat them because they make his gout flare up so they are all mine.  I usually will make him fish and myself scallops.  We used garlic in pretty much everything we made.  I even planned ahead and infused some EVOO with garlic for the cooking.

My father-in-law really likes kale.  Can you believe that
this is an entire Costco-sized bag?!  It reduces down to
so little it's amazing. 

Nick's sister was unable to join us so we packed her a to-go box to pick up. 

Kale, quinoa, sauteed mushrooms, garlic salmon and pan seared scallops.

This is a little plate of heaven. 

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