Friday, June 13, 2008

A better day

Today is already a much better day. The dog show doesn't air on Fridays so I slept in until 9 30. It is currently 10 37 and I've already cleaned the bathroom, started 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleared off the chairs in the kitchen, picked up all of Emmy's toys, and cleared off my desk. I've already been ten times as productive as I was yesterday. I think I can tackle the messy area in the back of the Teen Center that the Exec has been getting on my boss about. I also think that I will ride my bike to work since the weather is quite nice. The only good thing about yesterday is that I blew my nose so much that my abs feel hard today.

Tonight we have a 21st Century celebratory dinner for the end of the school year program. The summer program starts in July, but we have a nice little break from those whiny teens. We're going to this place called Koto, which is like a Benihana in Concord. It's just a hibachi place. I asked Edward if he wanted to go, but he declined since he doesn't know any of the people (my friend from school isn't going) and it's expensive. Yesterday one of my employees asked if we were getting paid for going. I was actually to pay for ourselves too. He was like what?! Haha. It's a social thing not a meeting. Geez. Anyways, so that's were I'm going tonight. I'm going to pick up my coworker (the same guy who had to suffer through my sufferings yesterday) and then go chow down. I'd like to get seafood, but since I'm trying to stick to a budget and haven't been to good this month, I think I might stick to chicken or beef depending on which is cheaper. Probably chicken I think.

At noon Ed is coming home and we're going to BBQ our favorite chicken apple sausage for lunch. I told him that if his students are at his office when he comes home that he should invite them over. This is also why I started cleaning up. I don't want them to think that their professor lives like a slob. If they don't come then oh well, I needed to clean anyway. If they come then I'm going to make a salad with our leftover vinaigrette and we'll probably make some burgers too. If they don't come, then we're going to grill up those shrimp kabobs that I got from Price Chopper a few weeks ago. I hope that his students come though. After having a good relationship with my professors and having lectures at their homes, I enjoy school a lot more. It nixes the feeling that professors aren't normal people. You know, like when you were a kid and you saw your teacher in the grocery store and were flabbergasted that they ate food too. That feeling. Plus, these kids that he's teaching are working really hard. I think that they deserve a nice lunch or something. They also think Emmy is precious, which makes me feel a little friendlier to them. Hehe.

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