Monday, June 23, 2008

Red Snapper

Yesterday I got some whole red snapper at Price Chopper. Edward scaled and grilled them for us. I didn't enjoy the dinner that much. I made some couscous and green squash with it, but I accidentally added way too much hot sauce. Even though we like very spicy stuff, this was too spicy. I also thought that the fish was a little fishy for my taste, but I ate it anyways. I don't think that I will be making this again and don't think it's worth putting the recipe up. The fish was just seasoned with salt, pepper, and EVOO. I thought that the pictures of the fish cleaning were interesting though.


The Bowers! said...

I bet Edward liked the snapper--red snapper filets were a very common dinner at our house when we were little. (One of the few things my mom cooked well.) She'd ALWAYS say this little poem when we ate fish: "Fishy fishy in the brook, Daddy catch with a hook, Mommy fry it in a pan, Baby eat it like a man." She'd also sing a fishy song to us, but it is too ridiculous to immortalize on your blog. =o)

Updates on Allison said...

Hahah! No wonder Edward always says that when we have fish!

The Unconventional Life said...

I hate going to your blog. You always make me so hungry. I miss you toots!