Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm excited

Yes, Mommy, this is still Allison's blog. Don't be alarmed, I was just getting tired of the dots after two years of them.

Today I'm up early (8 30) because I didn't want to fall back to sleep after Edward left to teach his class at 8 15. I'm meeting with the woman from Market Block Books today out at her Book House in Albany at 10 30. I love the Book House. I actually went out there in my HP gettup (this was before my formal robes were made) for the 7th book release. Edward put some coffee on for me and I plan to drink it on our deck to catch some rays before I head out. I'm very excited to meet with her to see what she has to say and maybe snag some sort of internship or just volunteering work until I feel comfortable enough to ask for a job. Since I'm doing the Y stuff right now isn't the best time to be picking up a second job, but we'll see. I'm not really looking for another one, but if she offers then I'm definitely going to try to work it into my schedule. Of course, I'm jumping ahead of myself. For all I know she'll just want to meet with me once and tell me how she got into the biz. Hopefully not. Edward said that she likes to talk a lot and low-and-behold, guess who also likes to talk a lot? Me! I'm hoping that we'll hit it off. This could be my big entrance into the publishing world! If something comes of my relationship with this woman I can put publishing experience on my resume and maybe have her write me a stellar reference letter. Oh the possibilities are great...Scholastic here I come!

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