Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Relax It's Fedex"...yeah unless they're 4 days late!

I gave my computer to Apple's Genius Bar last Tuesday. They took my computer from me and sent it in to the repair shop in Memphis, TN. That was on June 2nd. After tracking my comp with Apple's repair tracking system, I saw that it was repaired on June 3rd and then sent off on June 4th. I should have gotten my computer back from Fedex on June 5th...but it's June 10th and I still haven't gotten it. I was home all day on Friday and Fedex tracking says that the delivery failed because there was no answer at the door. The delivery was supposed to be made before 10 30am on Friday and then again on Monday. But was it? No. On Friday the tracking system said they came at 3 01PM and then at 1 47 on Monday. Since I was at work I called the Fedex hotline to schedule a pick up. The man on the phone said that I could pick up my package anytime after 5pm. Well Ed and I went at 6 30 and no computer. So we had to talk to the lady behind the counter. It's a good thing Ed was with me because he made sure that the lady knew the situation and that the guy never came. I think she started to realize that something was up because she said that I could just sign the door tag and if I'm not home that the carrier would leave it. I was like "what tag". And she was like "he should have left a tag on the door knob." Ed and I were like "nope, no tags...twice." So she checked our address and promised that she'd talk to the office people and the carrier's manager. She also said that my comp will be at our place by 10 30am today. Well I've been awake since 7am and nothing so far. It is currently 9 30. I saw a Fedex truck speed up the hill by our window, so now I'm worried that the guy just doesn't know where we are. There are two 13th streets since RPI splits it. Oh! There goes another one....and still no computer. If you couldn't tell, I look out our living room window a lot. I kept jumping up from bed whenever I heard anything that sounded like a truck. Delivery services shouldn't make their customers so edgy!

Anyways, the moral of this story is that despite Tom Hanks' awesome performance in Cast Away, Fedex isn't as good as it seems...plus it's expensive. It's USPS all the way for me and then UPS if I absolutely have to.

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