Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sniffles is my new name

Today was a bad day for one reason and one reason only. I had allergies all day. Lately I've been taking a Claritin every morning with my coffee and then taking a Benadryl at night. This method has been working for me pretty well...that is, until this morning. I was rudely awakened by my nose being so clogged and my chest feeling so congested that I had to get up because I couldn't breathe. After that, I couldn't stop blowing my nose. I went through almost half of a jumbo toilet paper roll. We ran out of Kleenex a while ago and I keep forgetting to go get more. I think that using TP might be more cost effective anyways. We get Charmin from BJ's Wholesale so the stuff is pretty soft. Anyways, I immediately took my Claritin and went back to bed. But then I had to blow my nose again. If anyone has heard me blow my nose, you know I'm a honker. Ed was still sleeping so I got back up and went to blow my nose again. Instead of getting back in bed, Honey Bear and I went to sleep on the sofa. Laying down didn't work because I was swallowing everything (yuck) so I had to sit up, which meant more blowing. I think I might have fallen asleep sitting up for a little while.

At 10am I had to go to a ridiculously pointless food training so that I can hand out bag lunches to our kids. My Claritin hadn't kicked in yet. We were sitting in small conference room and I was stuffed up and sniffling the whole time. I told my coworker that I had to go blow my nose. When I finally got up during a question session, the adrenaline from passing through group of quietly sitting people cleared my nose up right away. Great. So I walked down the hall and blew it anyway, just to get whatever was left in there out. Low and behold, I sit back down and I was stuffed up again. It was quite embarrassing. I must have looked like I had a bad case of the flu or something. My only consolation was that another lady started sneezing. At least I'm not the only one with seasonal allergies. However, lucky for her she was a quiet nose blower.

The training was right down RPI's Approach, a giant set of stairs, so I walked. My walk was fine and my nose was nice and clear. When I went to work though, it was a different story. The walls in my tiny, cave-like office are very thin and I'm sure that I was bothering the people next door. When my coworker walked in I looked at him miserably and blew my nose again. Usually air conditioned rooms help with my sniffles, but not today. So the poor guy had to talk over my honking into a tissue ever few minutes. Thankfully he was very tired, so we both took off early.

After I dropped of my friend, I went to pick up Ed so that we could got to lunch. I've been on a Friendly's kick again. I'm in love with their chicken quesadillas. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, I had to keep blowing my nose into rough napkins. Disgusting and painful. Even after taking a second 24 hour Claritin I was still feeling poorly. I did notice that when we were eating my nose cleared up. I joked with Ed that I should just keep eating. He gave me one of his skeptical looks. That wouldn't help me lose weight at all. Between eating smaller portions and riding my bike to work (I've done it twice now) I was able to fit into a pair of capris that I couldn't button a couple of months ago. Anyway, after we left the restaurant I was feeling quite sleepy from the food and all of the energy I exerted sniffling so Emmy and I took a nap, which felt great. My nose actually cleared up a bit.

Since alcohol makes any medicine I take stop working, I stuck to water today. I drank almost three whole jugs of my 32oz Nalgene between the hours of 6pm and 7 30pm. The Claritin gives me very bad dry mouth, so I couldn't stop drinking water. Plus, like eating, drinking helped clear my nose. I'm not sure if it was all the water I drank that cleared my sinuses or if the water helped dissolve the Claritin faster, but I'm feeling much better now. I'm still stuffed up and pretty tired, but I can breathe and I don't have to blow my nose ever couple of minutes.

A/N: Sorry, I realized that I was spelling nose as "noes". I've gone back to correct them all. ...I'm the best English major ever!

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