Thursday, January 13, 2011

Emmy's Safety Necklace

Now that my hours have changed at work and I have to get up an hour earlier, I've been having trouble waking up at 8am to walk Emmy.  I know, I know, most everyone is already at work by 8am.  Anyway, so I've been taking her on more walks at night.  I put on my headlamp and yellow vest as previously stated in an earlier blog and we head out.  Since Emmy likes to walk in front of me, I'm afraid that people won't see her.  I know that she is bright white and easily spotted, but just in case I got her a new glowing necklace (collar).

It came in the mail today and I got it all adjusted for her size.  For $16, I think this is a pretty good investment.  Even with her long fur you can still see the glowing orange necklace.  The other color option was red, but I figured orange was the best one especially since the fabric itself is pretty neon.  She's like a little doggy construction worker now.  There are two light modes on the necklace: solid light and blinking.  I usually put my headlamp on blinking just so that people are aware that I'm around and will probably put her setting on blinking too so that we match.  Hehe.



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