Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Nails

Okay, so I'm obsessed with the Konad Nail Stamper.  I went out and bought a bunch of new nail polish, as if I needed more, and did my nails last night.  I'm quite pleased at how well they turned out.  Nick and I did five hours of cooking today, which included learning how to filet a flat fish (we did two each...his were much prettier) and breaking apart four chickens and there are very few chips in my polish.  The ones I do see are tiny.  I'm amazed.  They're a little long for my liking, but this length shows off the stamp pattern better than my usual super short nails.  I'm going to have to cut them soon because it inhibits my typing accuracy.   I will talk more about our cooking in my next post and our new beer brewing adventures. That's right!  My dad, brother and I are adventuring into the world of beer brewing.  I'm very excited.  More to come soon.



Anonymous said...

Wow, such fancy nails! I really like the stars in your other post. That would look really cute on your toes during the summer! --Josie

Small but Weird said...

Wow, those look great! I can't believe the stamper works that well. The pattern is so intricate.