Thursday, January 27, 2011


After two years of working with Celery, I am finally full-time.  They have always wanted to make me full-time, but since we're a small company they couldn't afford it.  Right now there are three of us doing customer support.  My manager and I do both Celery and PC Freemail's (our business branch) customer support.  Our morning lady does just Celery.  We've been generating a lot of sales recently with the Mennonite community who is the main consumer of the PC Freemail service.  Now that we have so many more PC Freemail customers, Celery can actually afford to have me on for 40 hours a week doing support for both branches.  After the holidays I had been bumped up to 37 hours a week to provide extra support for new customers and I kind of just stayed at that hour level, but I've been averaging 40 anyway with extra hours for when Neil (CEO) was traveling on business.  I decided yesterday that I may as well just ask for the extra three hours since we get a lot of PC Freemail calls in the early afternoon (EST) anyway.  So now I work 9am-5pm like normal people.   I still don't get benefits, but no one at our company does since we're all contractors.  Neil doesn't even pay himself yet!  I'm just happy that I'm full time now.

Nick also made it to full time yesterday.  Woo hoo!  We originally were going to make dinner, but since we both had long and trying days we decided to order Chinese takeout with a bottle of champagne in celebration.

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