Friday, January 21, 2011

Soothing Sounds for Emmy

A penpal of mine just sent me a little ad for this product called Through a Dog's Ears.  In the ad that she sent it says " to alleviate separation anxiety, visitor excitement, thunderstorm phobia, etc."  That is Emmy!  I had been telling my penpal about how we've been trying to train Emmy for all of these things so she sent me the ad.  Her package came in the mail this afternoon and I ordered the book and an extra cd called "While You are Gone: Music Pets Love"not even ten minutes after seeing it.  I am hoping that this will help Emmy relax when we're gone.  My training has stopped for now, but once Christopher goes back to school next week I'm going to start training her to get used to two people leaving the house at the same time.  I'm hoping that since she's okay with me leaving for 10 minutes at a time now that increasing to two people leaving for short periods will come a little easier.  I used the Amazon giftcard that I bought for $10 and got $20 during that sale for these two things and only had to pay $3!  Pretty good!  Well, I guess it would be more like $13, but $3 sounds better.

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