Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upcoming Sharks Game

A couple of days ago Jen Jen invited Nick and myself to sit with them in a suite at the Sharks game.  Oh man, we're excited.  Nick was pumping his fists and jumping around like a little kid.  We've arranged for my family to watch Emmy when we go down.  We were originally going to spend the day in San Jose and then try to find some last minute tickets at the box office, but then my parents ended up having to go to a funeral so our plans were foiled.  Christopher and Briana were going to go to a movie the same night so Nick and I figured we'd just skip the game and spend a nice relaxing evening at home.  When Jen Jen offered us these awesome tickets it was just too good to refuse.  Seeing how much we wanted to go to the game, Christopher and Briana agreed to go to the movie Friday night instead and then stay home until my parents got back from their funeral.  Yay!  So now we're gearing up to do some serious eating and hockey watching.  Go Sharks!

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