Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sauteed Chicken

Last night Nick and I tried a Julia recipe on a week night, which I was a little apprehensive about because all her stuff takes forever to make.  It wasn't that hard and it actually didn't take as long as most of the other dishes I've tried by her.  It did take a lot of dishes and pots as usual though!  This was her French-style Sauteed Chicken.  Nick butchered and cooked the chicken while I did all the chopping and prep work for the soup, veggies and chicken sauce.


Okay, so I had left over French Onion soup that I was reserving for this night.  I had run out of shredded parmesan cheese to put on top.  Christopher was going to the grocery store with Briana so I asked him to pick up some parmesan for me.  He couldn't find the brand that I had originally bought so he got me the store brand, which isn't as good of quality.  This is how the crust turned out.  I was not pleased with it at all.  Instead of getting melty and gooey like my first batch, the cheese got hard and crusty.  If you like this texture, and I'm sure some people do, this is great.  However, be aware if you try this recipe to use quality parmesan.  The inside was still delicious, but I was a fan of the crust texture.

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