Thursday, February 07, 2013

Super Bowl Party

Right after coming back from Linda's bridal shower over-nighter, I was getting the apartment ready with Nick for a Super Bowl party.  Well, we all know how that ended, but I still had fun anyway.  We served all the junk food that I could get my hands on.  We had taquitos, pizza, mini tacos, chips and salsa, fat kid sauce (chili, cream cheese, salsa, hot sauce), various dips and spreads, cheese, and drinks.  I didn't take pictures of much since it was a general fried brown color, but I'm sure you can picture how our coffee table looked.   The only really good picture I got was of my dips because I thought the dishes that my friend Genna gave me were so cute.

We still have a ton of leftovers and even some frozen foods that we didn't bring out because everyone was full.  This is going to be a slow dinner week as we will be finishing off what we have in the fridge.

 photo 0F9A55BD-40BA-4B84-AB8B-244CD6268C59-161-00000003AE7AB213_zpsf4f25140.jpg

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