Monday, February 25, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 20, 2013

We met up with the Fongs for an impromtu dinner at Shanghai Gourmet.  I can pretty much eat Chinese food any day.  After going for a run with Emmy, Nick asked me if I wanted to go out with them.  Usually, I hate this because I want to settle down get ready for bed, but I really love Chinese food. What was even better was that the restaurant was within walking distance of our apartment.  There isn't much to say about this dish, as it is very similar to all the others that we have had.

 photo 477E3650-6DD7-48CE-8B50-E7CC5AE2351F-28115-000010EB7906F7FE_zpsfbb4a83c.jpg
Scallion pancakes that Nick requested.

 photo BFAC25C3-E94F-45FB-9EC6-68B2234F352E-28115-000010EB61FCDC88_zps139ce965.jpg
Shanghai Dumplings.  These come with a soy sauce based
dipping sauce, but I like them plain. 

 photo 262BD35D-2D94-49EB-B9E8-2F6FF6EAA1FE-28115-000010EB6019688B_zps43917d81.jpg
Nick actually ordered this dish because there was tofu in it without realizing
that the crab came whole.  I sure enjoyed it though.

 photo B3D049C8-1688-4000-ACAC-7F4816054BC0-28115-000010EB5DC54868_zpsca8ee5c8.jpg
My favorite, dauw mew!

 photo 77A75081-149F-4A71-8B9D-09418519C784-28115-000010EB5BD2FFB6_zps238021e0.jpg
Crispy combination chow mein

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