Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 17, 2013

We left early from Tahoe to get back for dinner with Nick's family for Chinese New Year.  We went to our normal feasting place, Legendary Palace.  I'm going to blame the running, but I could not get full.  We had amazing food as usual, but I just kept eating and eating.  We did get a lot of the same kinds of food so I'm not going to put up pictures of the same thing, but there were a few new items.

 photo 564451F5-9076-4BCF-AD92-B5076366D4CD-23435-00000E033EBD96B0_zps85bbf1fd.jpg
Shark fin soup.  I don't eat this based on principle, but I have in the past,
 before I knew better, and it is very tasty. 

 photo F17FB462-AF82-48E1-9A37-252CDAB3C07D-23435-00000E033ADC54E3_zps6ca021bd.jpg
Chicken with wasabi pig intestines.  I can handle spicy, but I can't do wasabi
spicy.  Holy moly, that clears your sinuses.  

 photo AA3B98FA-DE68-42FA-99D9-9268F4678A8B-23435-00000E0417033052_zps51022db2.jpg
Mustard greens with dried oysters.

 photo 27800454-CA52-47F6-9DE0-81C43E0E2778-23435-00000E03367B6EA9_zps2a2cfcdc.jpg
Daow mew with a white sauce.  I'm not sure what it is in
the sauce, but it looks like egg whites. 

 photo EBC92DD2-0ADF-4E27-962B-55E876696A67-23435-00000E035693A3F7_zpsf6f61298.jpg
We got a suckling pig!  It wasn't as good as Malaysia, but still super good. 

 photo BCECBADE-2397-4F5F-9048-694987CB3A53-23435-00000E033447EAFF_zpsae7ea13a.jpg
Sticky rice

 photo CFEB8510-2A98-440B-84E9-55E897820EAD-23435-00000E033CA788BB_zpse4fff1f4.jpg
Nick eating the suckling pig's ear. 

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