Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 18, 2013

We found out that our good friend Will's uncle, Dr. Bob, was going to be on The Worst Cooks In America.  Since I was still tired from our Tahoe trip and didn't go grocery shopping, I tried to clean out the freezer.  I made the ultimate chicken pot pie that Nick dubbed, Chicken Coop.  Using a wheat pie crust, I piled in buffalo boneless chicken wings with frozen corn and peas.  I mixed water with some cream of mushroom soup and shoved it in the oven.

 photo 60CD2D3C-FA3C-4973-BA35-57DB273AEB42-23435-00000EC9A81A00C5_zpsf4d0d7de.jpg

 photo E03FACF5-2C6B-4F7C-89F3-EAAE331EC898-23435-00000EC9AA3D00F1_zps2eae66c3.jpg

 photo 31391C9C-B532-4991-B654-1A370EFAA292-23435-00000EC9ADF3A681_zpsc2d64bbc.jpg

 photo 750F05A7-A87D-491F-8F62-A107BD9C3746-23435-00000EC9AC0C9B92_zps7972bbb4.jpg

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