Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 9, 2013

As a thank you to our friend Melissa for doing our engagement photos, we met up with her in the evening for drinks at The Trappist in Oakland.  Even though we had a very late lunch, I was starving.  The food that they were serving looked pretty darn good for pub-fare.  I got a grilled cheese that was fancier and creamier than any grilled cheese that I've had before.  I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.  It was super rich, which actually made it go really well with my blonde beer. I really enjoyed the crunch of the bread. They did a good job of browning it up without burning it...something I've never been successful at doing.  I'm sure that tons of butter was involved, but I wasn't think about that at the time. We also ordered the charcuterie plate and later on in the night Nick ordered a Reuben.  I enjoyed The Trappist as I love dive bars, but we weren't able to stay late because Christopher and I were getting up to run a 10k in the morning.

 photo AD212665-4D9A-4BE5-AA06-F0A47844A9AF-11453-000007CE59F52212_zps1eb1a674.jpg

 photo 96A05387-E3F0-4B44-A2C6-6DD06685802C-11453-000007CE5DB93322_zps1199c0a3.jpg
I'm really not sure what kind of cheese was in this sandwich.  It was extremely
rich and gooey.  I want to say it's gruyere, but I can't be sure and they didn't
list it on their menu. It didn't taste like regular Jack or Swiss, so it could be
anything! Their pickled vegetables were to die for. 

 photo 0D14326B-5567-4157-87E3-F93C6E6DC659-11453-000007CE5BDB9211_zps168c082d.jpg
Their charcuterie plate was also very good.

 photo FA74D6E7-8C90-48FD-A6C9-F3A2D2B0DE76-11453-000007CE5F9B81A9_zpsfdfeeb5f.jpg
Nick's Reuben. 

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