Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 13, 2013

I have been really bad about going grocery shopping and cooking.  When I don't have free weekends we don't have food.  Since I've been doing my long runs on Mondays and then a short run and Zumba on Tuesdays, there is just no time to shop.  Plus, after doing a 10k on Sunday and then doing another 10k on Monday night with Emmy, I was hobbling around because my knees were killing me.  By Wednesday, however, I was tired of eating left overs and not cooking.  I stopped at Sprouts before heading home to pick up something good to eat.  It was our early Valentine's Day dinner as I was planning on going Zumba on V-day.  Nick wanted to make me a romantic dinner, but my Zumba instructor was going to a Zumba conference so she was having a substitute who works in a gym.  She had said that the substitute was faster paced so I really wanted to see if I'd like another instructor.  Now that I'm getting in better shape, doing Zumba with older ladies isn't very challenging anymore.

I picked up a small chicken, cauliflower and spinach fettuccine.  I texted Nick the three ingredients I bought and his response was "yum".  I love that I can tell him the raw ingredients and he has an idea of what is going to come of it.

The chicken turned out pretty well.  I stuffed it with thin slices of lemon, garlic and rosemary from my little herb garden.  I also put a little bit of each under the skin to penetrate the flesh.  We let it roast for about an hour.  The top wasn't as nice and brown as I would have liked since the lemons were placed on the skin.  I had taken them off, but then the tallest part of the chicken looked like it was starting to burn.  I took out our brulee-er and we started crisping up the skin.  It wasn't exactly the traditional way of getting the skin crispy, but it worked all the same and Nick had a good time playing with fire.

 photo EDA3C8BE-C23B-495E-981D-260F9EFAD653-23435-00000E038F200A2A_zps1f668f64.jpg

 photo 6EC150E3-0D2C-426E-9020-AE1F2CB1A9E1-23435-00000E038CEDC2BF_zpsdd167773.jpg

 photo CADE584D-2269-417C-971B-B659B683633C-23435-00000E0388974979_zpsc141fec5.jpg

 photo B73A3653-43B4-46E9-B96C-1C44F1DDB98F-23435-00000E0386B998A6_zps2e3b4c47.jpg

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