Friday, February 22, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 19, 2013

I ran to Sprouts after work to pick up some fresh supplies.  I'm getting really tired of having leftovers and frozen food.  I quickly marinaded a turkey breast in a miso sauce that I threw together with miso paste, chicken stock, red pepper flakes, and sesame seed oil.  While the turkey was marinating, I chopped up a head of cabbage and did a basic stirfry.  After the stirfry, I threw the turkey in the pan to sear on both sides. I added the extra marinade to the pan, but that was a mistake as it started to burn.  After searing on both sides, I lowered the heat and covered the pan and monitored the bird for the next 15 minutes.

 photo 94A8BD62-4364-474D-AF56-95E573B307E2-28115-000010EBAA619FB6_zps9f634480.jpg

 photo 33A71A23-DA39-40A6-B32E-C82B4BAF1F74-28115-000010EBA3FF7E81_zpsac830b7c.jpg
I was hoping that all of that lovely goodness on the sides would be able to
be made into a gravy, but it burned before I could get to that step. This is
why I don't enter any of those cooking competitions.  My stuff burns way too

 photo 3D50D719-8F7B-43FD-B7BA-C62BD9232AD3-28115-000010EB9FC2B1FA_zpsccce291a.jpg
The turkey turned out really well and was very moist.

 photo 4CFC187C-FCEA-4A8D-BC52-97D1EC47AD52-28115-000010EBA1F79C6A_zpse0bc9cc1.jpg
My new favorite thing is to put a high quality hot salsa on my salad instead
of salad dressing.  Although I really like the vinaigrette that I learned from Abby,
I love salsa.  With half an avocado added, it's like eating guacamole on your salad.
 photo 9C14E539-2D01-47E0-9E02-35E3F730D955-28115-000010EB9B2533FD_zps8601e74e.jpg
With the leftover turkey, I was able to make a delicious sandwich for lunch.

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