Sunday, February 17, 2013

Today's Lunch: February 11, 2013

Now that my Mom is training Emmy to stay home by herself all day, I can't go home at 1pm like I used to.  My Mom is starting to go walk Emmy later and later in the day so that she can be like a normal dog and spend time by herself while her people are at work. I have major guilt, but I try not to think about how lonely she is during the day.  The good and bad at the same time.  Now I have time to go run errands, but it also means that Nick and I meet up for lunch more.  Today we wanted to go get pho since it's quick and one of our favorite meals, but they were closed for the Lunar New Year.  We ended up at the new Kinder's right by our apartment.  Kinder's is not one of my favorite places, but Nick loves it and they do have pretty good burgers.

 photo CC4E2EF2-5906-449F-BAB7-03A565E7989D-19733-00000C1C4FF33BF9_zps7e02f6ba.jpg

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