Monday, February 04, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 1, 2013

Tonight I was preparing food for Linda's bridal shower.  We had planned to do a simple salad bar since Linda loves salad and we were hosting it in a suite at the Fairmonte Hotel in San Jose.  I didn't want to cook too much since we didn't have a way to heat things back up.  Even though we were just doing salad, I had planned to make several different appetizers.  I knew that I would be strapped for time, so I premade a spaghetti sauce on Monday when I had time.  I was inspired by a recipe in Bon Appetite Magazine to spruce up a jar of pasta sauce.  I added extra garlic, green onion, ground beef and a small bulb of fennel.  It turned out really well and tasted super homemade and only took a few minutes to put together.

 photo 3934FED9-595D-4243-A9CE-27741204F8BC-3058-000004C0C6DB02AE.jpg

 photo A7324EF9-FDF0-4960-8654-FF2AFC3CEEE7-161-00000003F58D4366_zps42165609.jpg

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