Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's Brunch: February 16, 2013

After driving up to Tahoe and getting a fairly good night's sleep (as good as you can get with beer pong and a very loud stereo in the garage), Nick and I headed to a local brunch spot with a friend.  The gang stayed back at our huge and gorgeous cabin to have a community breakfast, but with the way that Nick and I eat, there wouldn't be enough for everyone.  Plus, the hangovers needed to stay back at the cabin.

Nick, Timmy T, and I went to three different places, THREE PLACES!, before settling down at The Original Red Hut Cafe.  There are apparently a lot of them and they are all busy. The first place that we went to said that the wait would be 30 minutes, which for us was too long for us to wait.  Although we spent more time looking for another place to go, I think it was worth it.  The Original Red Hut Cafe was amazing.  Their jalapeno bacon has changed my world.  I'm going to try to make some for myself. Linda is also going to give me a waffle maker so that I can try to make bacon waffles.  I've never been a big fan of bacon, but I have been enjoying it more lately.  I think this is because Nick grills it so that most of the fat is gone. Now I want to try it in new things!

 photo 8735A4CD-B261-413D-9712-9CEBBDA5AE05-23435-00000E0375008941_zps3eeaaa18.jpg
Two goof balls

 photo 817C63EE-3D7F-45F5-9CC9-0CDEF9FE99F3-23435-00000E0370D99B17_zps3a3396b2.jpg
Nick got a mushroom omelet. 

 photo 14D9BC29-C526-448A-A1F4-AB2DC30F998E-23435-00000E036E5446FE_zpsb8b8a26d.jpg
I got a five ingredient omelet with fries instead of hash browns.  I also got a
side of gravy to put on top of the fries. 

 photo 2CBE7FAB-4239-43CC-9835-5BF25D71AFF0-23435-00000E03730CE7D7_zps37dd12b5.jpg
That is an unassuming waffle back there, but in between the thin layers of
waffle are whole pieces of bacon.  Yum!

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