Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 6, 2013

The last few nights I've been working out like crazy.  On Monday Emmy and I ran 5 miles and then went to the gym with Nick to do an arm work out.  With the new running shoes I bought, Merrell Glove Shoes, they force you to run on the balls of your feet because they are so thin (most of the padding is in the ball).  I've known for a long time that it how you are supposed to run, but have never been able to do it.  My calves have been sore for three days and my Mom even said that they are looking bigger.  I'm on my way to having tree stumps for legs.  The worst part is that it's all muscle so I can't really do anything about.

Me: Feel how hard my calves are.
Christopher: Wow.  Let me try.  *feels his*. Awwww.

After Monday's run, I still made myself go to Zumba on Tuesday and then run hills with Christopher on Wednesday.  Tonight I have Zumba toning and then I get a rest on Friday and Saturday before a 10k in the City on Sunday.  My legs are going to be so tired come Monday.  I've already been hobbling around my office.

Since I was at my parents' place working out, I stayed for dinner. I had a really terrible day at work so I took myself to pho for a late lunch and ate a ton of noodles. By the time dinner rolled around I didn't want anything to do with carbs.  I ordered mustard greens in garlic sauce and salt and pepper squid instead of my usual chow mein.  I didn't realize that the squid would be fried so I only had a little bit of the squid and mostly ate the mustard greens.

 photo 80431AF2-31AE-4A69-9B84-A5E81E1B0D0A-161-000003993627D458_zps8a5838ed.jpg

 photo C52FD870-0B49-49D4-8345-A32E4C95B9A9-161-00000399321FADF2_zps7ab1c43b.jpg
Christopher got Hot and Sour soup.  I don't really care for hot and sour too much
but I thought I might have a change of heart.  Nope.  It tasted like how stinky feet

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