Monday, February 25, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 21, 2013

It has been a pretty rough week since the temp who was filling in for Genna while she was on maternity leave found another position before his contract was up.  I've been pulling double duty and doing the front desk job as well as my normal sales admin position.  With a marketing event series going in full force, one which I'm heavily involved, as well as a big Microsoft convention around the corner, doing double the work has not been fun.

I managed to get myself to go pick up my wedding dress in Pinole.  It helped that there was a giant Target next door.  I picked up a Digorno pizza and headed home.  We have been all about the Fat Kid food lately.  We topped the pizza off with boneless buffalo chicken wings and a little bit of extra cheese.  Soon enough, we will be out of the disgustingly-bad-for-you-but-super-tasty frozen food that I bought for the Super Bowl party.  I'm not sure if I will be happy or sad.  On one hand, I know the food is terrible for us, but on the other, it's so easy to prepare when you're tired.

 photo 02D68F29-943A-4AA3-8EDA-8DCB6A928848-33415-000014840583FBD4_zps0e185cce.jpg

 photo C9B6C4B0-5C94-4177-8245-99D033AE9FCC-33415-0000148414F8999E_zps5a316f08.jpg

 photo 090146AE-24DE-4A6B-A835-5D3DEEBE0F6B-33415-000014840FA4E64A_zpsa5d0a371.jpg

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