Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today's Lunch: February 14, 2013

Boy how I love admin appreciation lunches.  At first we weren't sure if we would have time to go out as we were all scrambling to get things done for invoices and a Roadshow series we were launching.  The lunch had already been pushed back once.  After talking about the Old Spaghetti Factory though, we all wanted it and made time to go.  I got the classic lasagna because it is my favorite thing to get there even if it is easy to make. I ended up eating a full salad, the lasagna and a ton of bread so I didn't want dinner when I got home. I also decided that I should probably stay home with Nick for V-day.  We drank champagne and watched Homeland.  It was a nice and relaxing night.

 photo E08CD800-994C-4279-B383-3A0DDB58F3DA-23435-00000E0384DDACFB_zpsfbcf2c24.jpg
I know it looks like a blob, but it's a delicious blob. 

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