Friday, February 01, 2013

Today's Lunch: January 31, 2013

My Mom is helping me train Emmy to stay by herself all day.  I know that most dogs have to stay home by themselves while their parents are at work, but it hurts my heart a little bit.  It just gets to be cumbersome to have to go home everyday during lunch when I have errands to run.  I already switched my lunch the 1pm time slot so that she can get used to being by herself more.  By the time I actually get home it is usually around 1:15.  She ends up being home by herself for only three hours once I go back to work.  So I think she can start to work her way to 5pm when I can get home from work.  It's not so bad since I work close to home anyway.  My Mom started going to take her for a walk around 1:45pm, which I think she will adjust to quickly.  We'll keep pushing it back in 30 minute increments.

I met with Nick for lunch at his office.  He picked up a great Japanese lunch from a sushi place across the street from his work.  All this food is $8.00!

 photo 785560E4-5135-4D62-8808-6CD489FD7A64-9971-00000624822717BF_zps0ec0c719.jpg
Chicken Katsu, California Rolls, Spicy tuna roll, salad, miso soup, and rice.

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