Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 16, 2013

Our friend made some awesome chili for us, which was amazing with the Super BCR that I reserved.  After that big brunch, I hung out in the sauna for a little while before going on a 7.8 mile run.  My longest run on my own to date.  Man, running in altitude is so much harder than running at home.  At first I didn't think that I would actually go for a run since our brunch was so large, but the sauna brought me back to life.  Anyway, after my run, I chugged a ton of water before having a mimosa.  Needless to say, the Super BCR and chili was necessary at the end of the night.  As usual, I was in bed by 10pm.  I. Am. An. Old. Lady.

 photo 3E1EF3C5-37DD-4B2F-8F53-31856577D71B-23435-00000E0367DC4B42_zpsdd9a0605.jpg

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