Friday, January 17, 2014

Another juice update

As you know, I have been experimenting with my green juice after it started giving me bad acid reflux. I’m trying to concoct my own tailor-made super juice. Little disclaimer before I proceed: what works for me, may not work for you.  I’m not a pro, just an experimenter who frequently lurks on nutrition sites.  So far, the addition of ginger has been helping my itchy scalp A LOT.  I read that ginger is supposed to help with acne and smooth out flaky skin, but this morning a massive mountain appeared on my forehead.  I suspect it is hormone related, but still, clearly the ginger isn’t helping that much with my acne.  It is a good thing my other hobby is makeup.

This week I got some radishes to mix in.  As it turns out, radishes don’t really have that much nutritional value compared to the other ingredients that I use, (spinach, tomato, parsley, ginger, chia seeds) so once I use them up I won’t be adding them anymore.  They are high in vitamin C for their size and have natural detoxing qualities, but so does the ginger and parsley.  Now, I’m not saying that radishes are not good vegetables to eat, I’m just saying that they didn’t make the cut for my juice.  I will continue to buy them to have with salads and I really enjoy using their leafy green tops for pasta dishes and soup.

Another reason I won’t be using radishes anymore is because they didn’t add much extra flavor to the juice because the ginger and tomato are so strong. The reason for this post is not to bash the radish, but to show you how odd my juice looks straight out of the fridge.  The fiber separates from the water, but because of the radishes the water is pink.  Nick said it looks like a liquid watermelon.

I was running out the door when I took this photo and
didn't realize it was so blurry, but you can see the separation.
I do also want to note that if you add ginger to your diet, use with caution as it can have a negative affect on medications.  I have not seen any negative effects, but I'm also not on any type of medication other than the occasional ibuprofen or Claratin.  Consult your doctor before adding ginger to your diet. 

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