Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Juice recipe update

I recently started juicing again. I had stopped for a while because my former recipe was giving me really bad acid reflux.  It actually taught me what acid reflux was.  I thought the spinach I was using was contaminated with salmonella or something, but a friend gave me Tums and the problem was gone.  I started eating all the vegetables that I put in the juice individually and what I found gave me the acid was copious amounts of celery.  Celery!  It's practically water.  I can still eat celery in normal amounts, but not half a bunch at a time.

I've been doing some reading about nutrition and started altering what I put in the juice.  I don't like raw parsley by any means, but read that it is really good for you.  I started by putting a little pinch into the blender with my tomato and spinach and couldn't taste it at all.  The giant tomato I put in masks the flavor completely.  I started putting more and more parsley so that now I'm up to about half a cup of parsley per drink.  It is full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory qualities, which is good for muscles and joints. Even more recently I have started adding a hunk of ginger, probably about two tablespoons.  Ginger is also a great anti-inflammatory food and a good source of potassium for how little you have to use. It's about 8.3mg of potassium per tablespoon. 

I feel rejuvenated and have had more energy throughout the day like I used to.   It also helps me control my appetite and not eat such big portions for lunch. I still can’t eat parsley raw on top of my pasta, but I’m getting there.

2 c  baby spinach
1 beefsteak tomato
½  c flat leaf parsley
2 tbsp fresh ginger
½ water
1 c chia seeds, presoaked 
Directions: In blender blend everything except for the chia seeds for at least 30 seconds.  Blend until smooth.  Add chia seed prior to consumption.  Chill for one night.   Consume within 24 hours. 

Anything this green has to be good for you...or is deadly.

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