Monday, January 27, 2014

Spartan Trifecta Part 1

Tonight dinner was a bust.  Another foot-in-mouth meal. We probably ate the worst thing that you could have before a big race. Taco Bell.  My dad, brother, and I were on the road headed down to Southern California for another Spartan Race and didn’t have many options for dinner.  Since I had to work most of the day, we had a very late start to our drive and didn’t want to stop for a long meal.  While other people were posting pictures of pasta dishes for carbo loading, my brother and I posted a 12-pack of hard tacos.  I’ve been told that Taco Bell plain hard tacos are the “healthiest” thing that you can order from a fast food restaurant.  I’m not so sure about that, but I’ll choose to believe it this time.  We didn’t end up arriving at our hotel until 1am and we had a 9:30am start time.   We did try to have a protein-packed breakfast before the race to make up for the terrible food that we ate the night before. 



My dad did a great job and we finished the 5 mile, 15 obstacle race in about three hours.  We didn’t want to rush and run the race and end up getting hurt somewhere down the trail since it was my Dad’s first obstacle race.  We had people approaching us to tell us how awesome our dad is.  Christopher and I were gracious, but really in our heads we were saying “we know”.  Where as my Dad told people that we were up for adoption. 


My Dad's socks started out white.

This was actually an obstacle.  We had to climb up and walk

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