Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: January 8, 2014

How many ways can you cook pork chops?  Apparently I'm finding out.  For tonight's dinner I had prepared to make curry.  I cut the pork up into cubes and marinated it in our regular Japanese curry sauce for a couple of days.  You don't actually have to marinate it for that long, but since I try to prep our meals at the beginning of the week that is how long they were marinating for.  If I were to make this meal on a whim I would simply brown the pork without marinating and then make a thick broth to let it cook.  If it boils down for a while the curry flavor is strong enough that you can't really tell if the meat was marinated or not. We tend to eat more curry during the winter because it's very warming and has that home-cooked stew feeling without having to stew for hours.  We usually let it cook down for about an hour and a half, but it can be cooked for a shorter period of time if we are really hungry.

My mom had given me a packet of hot red peppers that she couldn't use up so I added that to our vegetables.  The peppers made the curry nice and spicy. Nick thought it was pretty spicy, but I thought it was perfect. We had let the curry boil down for a while so the meat was nice and soft. I had also made a big pot of rice for the curry, but right at the last minute I decided that I wanted it over ramen.  (So much for being healthy.)  The sauce was a little thick so I added a couple of spoonfuls of the water that I boiled the noodles in to my bowl. Nick ate his without extra water.  I made a nice lunch box for myself with some of the rice.

Nick re-baked some of the leftover tempura to put on top of his curry.

Looks like takeout!

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