Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: January 13, 2014

I did a really quick workout and then rushed home to make dinner for my inlaws.  The Crossfit work out for the day was pretty easy (1000m row, 30 box jumps, 20 lunges, 10 pullups, 20 lunges, 30 box jumps) and something that I could do on my own in less than 30 minutes.  I haven’t been very motivated to stay for the 6pm class when it is dark out.  I just want to go home and cook dinner, sit on the sofa, read my book, anything at home that doesn’t involve physical exertion.  Once it is light again (our classes are outside) I will probably join back up.  Until then, I’ll just try to keep up my fitness level so that I don’t make a complete fool of myself when I go back.

I made a pretty quick vegetable pasta for my father and sister-in-law.  I made garlic noodles and tossed it with a Costco-sized bag of dark mixed greens, some broccoli, mushrooms, and red bell pepper.  My father-in-law tries to eat meat sparingly and has cut down to about once a week so I didn’t want to ruin his week by making something heavy in salt and animal protein.   The pasta was pretty tasty, but I felt a little unfulfilled afterwards.  Maybe it was too healthy.   It could also be that we’ve been eating very fatty foods so a lean meal wasn’t enough for me. I figured pasta would satisfy me since it usually does. 

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