Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: January 12, 2014

Insert foot into mouth, HERE.  After saying over the last few weeks how we've been eating better and had a positive lifestyle change, I stuffed myself with Taco Bell and beer. Boy was it good, but I do feel bad about it now. I am a sucker for commercials and the Taco Bell commercial with the kid running away with the triangle Grilled Stuft Nacho has had me wanting Taco Bell for weeks. I finally caved.  I had sat through a five-hour First Aid and CPR class and then when I went to Sprouts for our weekly groceries there was nothing remotely junk-foody enough for me. Drive-thru it was.

I got Nick his normal Nachos Bel Grande with guac and no beans.

They also had something fairly new that I wanted to get
for Nick.  He's been exercising a lot so I figure little treats
are warranted.  This is basically like a donut hole with a
cream cheese based filling to make it taste like a bite-sized
cinnamon roll.

The Grilled Stuft Nachos was just okay in Taco Bell standards.
It had a lot of that crappy nacho cheese inside with some
fried strips of tortilla chips.  I don't think I would get it again.

Looks pretty gross on the inside. 

I really enjoyed the smothered burrito the last time I went to Taco Bell.  This
one didn't disappoint me. 

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