Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's Lunch: January 26, 2014

Before we hit the Grapevine, we decided to stop for a bathroom break and lunch.  We found a place called Jim’s Burgers while rerouting from a place that was closed.  Jim’s wasn’t half bad.  Their grilled cheese sandwich was delicious and their burgers had a great char flavor.  I had ordered a Jr. burger and a grilled cheese sandwich, but then wanted a corndog too.  I’m surprised that Christopher and I haven’t eaten my parents out of house and home.

Christopher and I shared an order of chili cheese fries. I thought
it was interesting that you could taste a hint of turmeric in the

My Jr. Burger was pretty junior.

My dad got a double cheese burger.

Christopher got an avocado burger and there was a ton
of avocado in it. 

Ooeey, gooey, grilled cheese.

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