Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nut butters

I was surfing Pinterest the other day and came across a recipe for peanut butter.  Ingredients: peanuts.  That’s it!  After I saw that posting I really wanted to try making some for myself.  I bought a pound or so of blanched, unsalted peanuts.  Mistake.  The peanut butter is okay, but lacks flavor.  I keep trying to comfort myself by saying that it’s much better for me than what you buy in the store.  It’s definitely not terrible to eat, but it really lacks flavor.  I would make peanut butter again, but next time with salted, roasted nuts. 

After I had textural success with the peanut butter, I wanted to try other types of nut butter.  Last night I made almond butter and it was SO good.  It has much more flavor than the peanut butter even though I didn’t buy the salted version.  I’m having to make myself eat the peanut butter at work so that I don’t end up wasting it. Once I’m done with the peanut butter I may make almond butter exclusively.  I bet walnut butter would be really creamy since they’re a pretty soft nut, but I’m not very fond of walnuts.  Or macadamia nuts either.  I may just try it anyway to see how it turns out.  Plus, come on, making your own nut butter is pretty neat.  

Almond butter

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