Friday, January 17, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: January 16, 2014

Tonight Nick made dinner because we were having fish.  Since I don’t enjoy fish, I don’t know how to cook it well.  I can cook it, but Nick makes it so much better than I do.  I was thinking that we would each have a piece of grilled cod, but throughout the day the idea was looming over my head. I am still in the realm of not being able to have a whole chunk of fish so we had fish tacos, which I love.  I’m like a child.  You have to disguise the fish to get me to eat it. One day maybe I’ll actually like eating fish.  For now I just have to trick my taste buds into liking it. It’s working out pretty well for me so far. 

Since I was hobbling around from my training run, I wanted to take it easy at the gym which made it core and arm day.  I haven’t done Crossfit for a couple of months now and am a little apprehensive about going back.  I was telling a friend that for the average American I’m in pretty good shape, but compared to the Crossfitters, I’m not. This is the workout that I made for myself and I’m starting to feel it already.  I figured since I share made up recipes, why not share made up workouts?  I was able to get the whole work out done in about 30 minutes with a break to talk to some friends.  This is totally doable for a week night if you’re trying to get some tone while actually having time at home to relax at the end of the night.  Adjust the weight to your skill level, but this is where my puny muscles are at right now.

15 min bike ride (3mi)
3 sets 2 min planks
3 sets 30 second boat shaped flutterkicks
3 sets 10 pushups (chest touching the floor)
3 sets 10 lateral raises (15lbs dumbbells)
3 sets 10 overhead press (12lb dumbbells)
1 set 50 paces holding 60lb dumbbell
3 sets 30 second grip holds (45lb dumbbells)

My goal is to get up to one set of a 5 minutes plank.  It’s going to take me a while. 

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