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Tonight's Dinner: January 11, 2014

Today was a big eating day and I knew it would be, which is why I made sure to take a nap.  After brunch with my girl friend I settled into the sofa to do some reading and watch the Seahawks game... aka - Nap Time.  By 4:30, we were running around as usual trying to get out of the house. We were meeting some friends in the City for dinner at one our favorite places, Incanto. I've talked about this restaurant several times on this blog and every time we try something new and delicious. My mouth is watering as I write this post. Our only complaint is the parking.  What a pain, but it's worth the drive and circling the block a few times.

One of the things I love about Incanto, besides the food obviously, is that they don't pressure you to leave.  Of the several times we've dined here, our dinners have been long.  I appreciate that the kitchen spreads out our courses so that we can enjoy our company, but at the same time once we decide what we want, our table is never void of food.  As soon as our appetizers were finished, the table was cleared and our entrees came out shortly after.  After our entrees, the dessert and coffee.  The whole while our wine and water glasses were never empty.  We had a great time catching up with our friends.  Even after we finished all of our food, we sat and chatted for quite a while. During this time, the waiter continued to pour us water even though our table had been cleared and leftovers packed up. At other places you can practically feel the wait-staff's eyes willing you to leave so they can clear your table.  I'm sure this will not be the last time that Nick and I go to Incanto.

One of their specials of the night was a whole fish head.  Our waiter said that
there was only one left so after a brief deliberation,  we pounced on it.  A table
next to us had ordered one and when we first sat down we saw the waiter
walk by with it.  We were all wide-eyed and wondering what it was and
how we could get it.  Nick loves  fish head and collar so I knew that he was
 very interested.  Our friends were just as  interested since it's not common to see a
giant grilled fish head walking by at an upscale restaurant.  Usually these are
 used for stocks and broths and generally considered "throw away" pieces. 

We demolished the fish head. The green salad was amazing.
There was shaved fennel on top, which I really enjoyed. The
greens had a little bit of a bitter bite, but the fennel balanced
it out very well. 

Cured sardines.  The sardines were nice and meaty with that
wonderfully smokey flavor.  The flesh was melt-in-your-mouth
soft and flavorful. I don't know much about curing, but I think
these were oil-cured.

We got the medium "sow" sized salumi plate.  I'll try to remember what everything
is.  From the front to left: pistachio mortadella, salumi, pork terrine, large-grain mustard
 ham, panchetta.  In the center there were grilled green onions, pickled celery,
 and roasted garlic. 

Nick handed me this piece of celery and at first I wasn't
sure why he was giving me one piece until I realized that it
was the shape of a heart.  Sometimes he just tickles me. 

Our friend got a giant pork chop with Kabocha squash and apples.  The pork
chop was practically the size of her face.  It was huge!  She shared it with us all
and it was delicious.  Wente Vineyard's restaurant is known for their pork
chops.  I think this chop was more impressive both in taste, texture, and size. 

Nick and our other friend got the handcrafted pasta and pork ragu with an
additional duck egg.  HOLY MOLY this was good. I don't even think I can
put into words how well balanced and perfect the flavors of the sauce were.
This sauce is only what I wish I could make at home. I guess we will just have
to keep going back to try it again and again until I can get closer to this beautiful

I got a veal breast over cannellini beans.  By the time the food came out I was
already so full that I couldn't finish this, but boy was it good.  It was so tender
and well prepared. 

I thought the little pot was so cute. 

Chocolate cake and espresso gellato.

Panna cotta

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