Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tonight's Dinner : May 4, 2013

I was very excited that I was finally caught up on my blogging and then that night I cooked again.  Blogging never ceases!  It had been a while since I had cooked for my parents.  I was home doing laundry (lots of it) so I thought that I'd cook for my family.  What do we love best?  A crab and shrimp feed of course!

When I went to Ranch 99 to check out the crabs, the dungeness crabs were $7.99/lb.  The tank was full of Rock Crabs that were $3.99/lb.  It was a no brainer.  We had never had them before, but they were actually really good!  I made the mistake of not asking the fish monger to show me the crabs first because a few of the crabs were missing legs. One poor soul was missing all his legs except for his claws.  I felt a little bad for him, but I was going to eat him so it didn't matter. The legs on these crabs are also very tiny.  They are similar in size to a lobster.  While their legs were itty bitty, their claws were very large.  Their shells are also much thicker than dungeness.  I think that Rock Crab is a pretty good substitute. 

Normally, we just boil our crab and prawns and I make a Chinese style dipping sauce.  This time, I tried using Zatarain's crab and crawfish boil.  Thinking that it would drastically change the flavor of the crab, I didn't make the sauce.  I should have made the sauce.  Because there was so much crab and prawns, there wasn't enough seasoning. When have too much crab and prawns been a problem? Regardless of the lack of sauce, we enjoyed out dinner together.

 photo 6B2445B5-0DAB-4DFD-979A-01A325EAD420-17369-0000107A7C82CC0A_zpsf3eb9f70.jpg
I'm alive!

 photo 0347A69C-A866-45B2-99B8-96173BAFD4C6-17369-0000107A7A65AC83_zpse5b4ddf4.jpg
He didn't put up much of a fight. 

 photo 6F3562EA-2FDD-4689-B4A2-9BE03A6A82C8-17369-0000107A784EA671_zps0ba995d5.jpg
My dad really likes bruchetta and requested to have it as
an appetizer.  "That thing that you made one time.  The toast
with tomatoes on top. Is it hard to make? I like simple."  

 photo F30FB578-9C0F-4762-809D-35205A53EA92-17369-0000107A766EB057_zpsf0ede19d.jpg

 photo D54B5787-FA74-4169-88E1-52E5FA340D5F-17369-0000107A747BFC8E_zps5c86bcef.jpg

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