Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Emmy Picture Post

Because my parents are on a vacation and haven't seen their grand dog-ter since they left, I decided to do another picture post so that my Mom can logon and see.

 photo 630D06F3-B90A-46D1-ACBB-65F01D3FCB46-16918-00000F7B61E357AA_zps17d1bbbd.jpg
How is this comfortable?!

 photo DE807D53-DE28-4996-A376-130179F48C49-16918-00000F7B5DDAB4E8_zpsa6e4f36e.jpg

 photo D9BF0EE4-2857-4119-BB12-A0DE5F12B73E-16918-00000F7B40ED6418_zps75f3b5c2.jpg

 photo 656228D7-5C65-4AFA-AC83-3D2184A7914E-16918-00000F7B3EB14C57_zps4a3b35ec.jpg
Sunday morning cuddling with Daddy.

 photo 898CFA66-CA19-4AEA-873E-727566EAAA9D-16918-00000F7B26DC5ADB_zpsb9413dae.jpg
She got a new raccoon toy from our neighbor who moved
out.  I left the toy on the table to show Nick, but when I
got home from work it was off the table.  She had taken it
off and started playing with it, cardboard and all!

 photo EF5DBA06-73F9-4704-90E9-0595D78D122D-16918-00000F7B0BDD8FB2_zps54a5e9a7.jpg
Rain boot, fox, frisbee, squirrel, raccoon, and pink Ugg
battle field...and she looks so innocent.

 photo 705686C2-BF2D-41F8-B27A-0F7932A4B44E-16918-00000F7B08E5C6A8_zpsc0d9461c.jpg

 photo 7237736C-1628-4D72-812B-DE91A40AD54C-16918-00000F7B06C28011_zpsf8344acc.jpg

 photo 24274FA2-F3A5-4CE6-929A-51CC72B4465B-16918-00000F7B03B11B2A_zps9f49ce7a.jpg

 photo 719254DF-215B-4207-9FD4-FF38082E1372-16918-00000F7AFA9C153F_zpsa97c3d61.jpg

 photo 3E366891-9684-4B5B-ABFD-D4301D013402-16918-00000F7AF7D3F88E_zps3bff55da.jpg

 photo DB1C2810-63B8-403B-9609-ACA9F7917D76-16918-00000F7AF5AACD1B_zps3a2b1881.jpg
After I did my half marathon over the weekend I went back
to sleep for three hours in the middle of the day.  Emmy
probably thought that I was sick.  Little did she know that
when I woke up I was planning on giving her a bath.  She
was ambushed.  This is her rolling around post bath.

 photo 7ED0BAAF-E865-4A1F-AAD7-0D22ACE833DB-16918-00000F7AF3529450_zps4719281d.jpg
I can imagine her saying, "ughhh I have water in my ears."

 photo 35926677-214C-4EDA-8F89-D94186FCA4E2-16918-00000F7AEDA8B914_zpsee160005.jpg
Clean and brushed out.

 photo 1ACA6BE7-78A5-4451-90D7-22413AA3051D-16918-00000F7AEABC63DE_zps558367a2.jpg

 photo AF2D3FB6-3C79-44A8-A5E9-7CD4408EA967-16918-00000F7AE7E78D38_zps7a89dc49.jpg

 photo 5B4CE00C-1E23-4672-813C-A1BAA6CBB9B1-16918-00000F7ADA4C50D6_zpsa3e83693.jpg
Nick made her a little nest of pillows.

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The Bowers! said...

Sweet, sweet Doozipup! Cousin Ruby and Cousin Taters miss you...well, one of them does. ;)