Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 10, 2013

My cousin who lived in Hong Kong and now Singapore for the last 12 or so years came home for a visit.  He wanted to get the Chew side of the family together for dinner.  This was fine by me.  After work, we all headed out to San Francisco Chinatown for some good Chinese food.  There was way too much food for the amount of people that we had, but I wasn't complaining.  It was so delicious, but we just couldn't eat it all!

 photo 43F3F87E-7E20-44D2-A887-FB114ECA1CA4-1737-000001D0207D596D_zps46ea2b2a.jpg
Classic Chinese charcuterie.   From left: Jellyfish, beef tongue, pork belly, and
bbq pork.

 photo 89D53190-E683-4BE6-A05F-2745F1A09D24-1737-000001D01EB001EE_zps87e50d80.jpg
Shark fin soup in a giant bowl.  I don't eat the stuff anymore because of ethical
reasons, but it sure did look good. 

 photo 4D76D06C-5ECD-43CA-870D-37C4B1D2A721-1737-000001D0225AE7EC_zps779c1000.jpg
Snap peas with beef and sliced day boat scallops.  I think this was my favorite
dish.  I ate so many scallops. 

 photo CF8033B7-EE96-4C31-BE31-C9FA39FF48CB-1737-000001D02457C500_zpse82d0d9a.jpg
Crab claw shrimp balls

 photo BBA0A98A-4DB1-4C4F-A37F-74E618D92F4B-1737-000001D0264B347F_zpsc927e18c.jpg
Mustard greens and abalone.  I also had quite a bit of this

 photo 48733C31-8E56-4C33-98C7-4F638D27A82A-1737-000001D0287F0A43_zps5c7b95e8.jpg
A couple of lobsters.

 photo 5DB98EC3-A27E-4473-9999-097385BAA2FF-1737-000001D02AD1C5AC_zps891cfea0.jpg
Giant fish.  I'm pretty sure that Nick at most of the fish himself since everyone
else was really full by the time this came out. 

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