Friday, May 03, 2013


Since our attempted juice cleanse, Nick and I decided that we would try to make our own juice with my Mom's Vitamix.  So far it is going okay for us, but I'm still trying to get used to it since I'm not really a juice person. Also, since we are using a blender and not an actual juicer, the juice is very thick and frothy.  I tell myself that all the nutrients are in the foam, but I just can't drink/eat it.  I scoop it out and feel guilty, but it's better than not juicing.

Before dinner with Nick's family, I did a quick Costco run which resulted in me buying more vegetables that we know what to do with.  This is what happens when I get overzealous and am in a rush.

 photo 54C8CDA3-C85A-403D-B94C-A8526EFC2527-7872-000007A535AC545F_zps95cbf567.jpg

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