Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 1, 2013

The fish taco from Yankee Pier was so good that I wanted to make my own.  Nick went to pick up supplies while Emmy and I went for a walk.  I think this may be the only way that I can eat fish.  So good.  We also grilled up some corn and I made a giant salad to have with the tacos.  Eating the salad first always makes us eat less and feel healthier at the same time.

 photo 4AB2D55E-367A-4048-9A64-4C73F7962924-13113-00000C8DC5939547_zps661a0be0.jpg
Nick's spinach salad (his has mushrooms)

 photo B349B9C0-706B-472E-9A6D-B18EB5C003BE-13113-00000C8DBFEF7700_zpsf2bf4dc0.jpg
My spinach salad (mine has mozzarella)

 photo B47291F3-2291-44E7-ABE1-04D802CD62F4-13113-00000C8DBC063ABF_zps9e9968eb.jpg

 photo BA01B3F5-A61B-4971-926A-7C1F2BAC3061-13113-00000C8DB3665456_zps937fe041.jpg

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