Monday, May 27, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 13, 2013

Mrs. Fong bought steaks on her trip home from Las Vegas.  They had ordered a grill, but it hadn't come in yet so we had them over from steaks and corn.  I'm always up for a good steak!  Mrs. Fong got us ribeyes and Mr. Fong a tri-tip.  I think it was a tri-tip.  Maybe it was a New York strip.  Whatever the case, they were all really good.  Recently Sprouts was out of quinoa so I wanted to try millet in it's place.  Not a good replacement.  Mr. Fong really liked it, but I didn't like the mealy texture.  I don't know if I cooked it incorrectly, but I didn't enjoy it.

 photo FD468A57-FDF8-49DB-AE0B-CDD507CBAE13-1737-000001D05805D1ED_zps179b3db8.jpg

 photo 54E5B9F2-5DB6-4CDD-82BF-5F640F34E584-1737-000001D05A6E09C8_zps0f207b6a.jpg

 photo DF8BFFA8-307A-4BAE-BE53-3AAFD0EB56B4-1737-000001D05C8F396F_zps4f55cdb9.jpg

 photo 0C7389E4-FB3C-4F00-8FF3-A012E112685C-1737-000001D05EDCD8C3_zps52d52df8.jpg
We made blended orange juice in the Vitamix.  It was really

 photo 92DCFC53-AD8F-47EB-821E-7345A6C8884F-1737-000001D060D1D931_zps9f936d7d.jpg
I actually pranked one of my workers and said that this was
cheese sauce. One of my other coworkers drank it (knowing
that it is orange juice) and said that it was really good.  The
victim coworker almost gagged.  It made my morning. 

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