Saturday, May 04, 2013

Emmy Picture Post

It's that time again.

 photo CC37A238-F736-4619-8051-FAB264475DD3-13113-00000C8D8A412CBF_zps6e53662d.jpg

 photo 0BB78452-7AFF-47A4-BF83-18DC03D6E8F4-13113-00000C8D87975C07_zps53783ad2.jpg
Emmy wasn't feeling well and being really clingy.  This
never happens so I knew that she wasn't feeling well.  She
had her paw on me for so long that there was a paw print
mark on my leg!

 photo 5C1A07CB-947B-4AAA-AA9C-D7F1BFFB1267-13113-00000C8DDB7B25A8_zpse9656dab.jpg
It's been so hot after our runs that I take Emmy to the car wash station in the
back of our complex to hose her down.

 photo B0D99627-1FE1-4F32-BB25-9D34EAFA35F7-13113-00000C8E4B35F062_zps4ca51ad0.jpg
She looks so much bigger when she is fluffy!

 photo 9399715B-328E-40E0-A82C-472786597EF7-13113-00000C8E4D7AE9C3_zps16da3dfc.jpg

 photo 587A5742-4CE3-4261-B966-7735BE4C3EA2-13113-00000C8E5043A8D0_zps7f18d25c.jpg

 photo 09FA5DD5-0FDF-4754-9D71-A618DD335510-13113-00000C8E5244CE24_zps0d938874.jpg

 photo 0B899FDA-86C4-4263-8E11-40FBD95531CD-13113-00000C8E54268A3E_zpsa6a5c725.jpg

1 comment:

The Bowers! said...

What a sweet, beautiful girl!

So is she sick? Weird about her acting sick. I hope she's all better now.