Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Juicing Update

We've been pretty faithful to our juicing.  Nick has found that he really like fruit and carrot juice, and I like spinach, cucumber and spinach.  One day Nick forgot all of the Nalgene bottles at his office so I started to use an old Prego spaghetti sauce jar.  It actually works better than my Nalgene because it holds more juice.  I've been feeling really good.  Last night at 10:20 I had a ton of energy even though I had wine with my dinner.  Wine usually puts me to sleep.  I think the burst of energy came from all the extra iron in my juice.  This juice has about three and a half cups of spinach, half a cucumber, and a stalk of celery.  Since I drink the pulp, I get all of the nutrients of a triple sized salad.

 photo 18848C99-1169-4184-87AF-4BD1F77942D7-17369-0000107A699BF4D1_zps720b3e69.jpg

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